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“Frequently Asked Questions.”

Questions about the atelier of time

When can I visit the Atelier of Time?

The Atelier of Time is open by reservation only. Several events are organised each month. Please fill in the contact form and we will contact you to find a date that suits you.

You can find the form here: Contact Form

How to reserve a place at the Atelier of Time?

Please fill in the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible to accommodate your availability.

You can find the form here: Contact Form

Is the Atelier of Time accessible to people with reduced mobility?

Yes, there is convenient parking and a lift for easy access.

How far in advance should I make a reservation?

We recommend that you plan your visit at least one month in advance. However, we can sometimes accept short-term bookings. Please fill in the contact form with your preferred date and we will respond promptly.

You can find the form here: Contact Form

How long does the event last?

The event starts at 09:30 and usually ends around 16:30. Depending on the size of the group, the event may last a little longer.

In which language is the event?

We offer the Atelier of Time in French, English, German and Italian.

Do I need to know anything about watchmaking to participate?

No, our master watchmakers will guide you through the assembly of your watch. All you need is the ability to use basic tools such as a screwdriver. In addition, you need to be able to handle small objects, as the components of the watch are particularly small.

Our watchmakers will always assist you, should you experience difficulties in the assembly of a specific component.

Questions about your stay

Where can I spend the night?

We cooperate with several hotels in the immediate vicinity of Neuchâtel and can provide you with an offer that meets your expectations and needs. Contact us and we will find the right offer for you.

Is accommodation included in the package?

No, accommodation is not part of the Atelier of Time package and must be booked separately.

Do I need to stay in a hotel or book a hotel through the Atelier of Time?

No. You can of course plan your own accommodation, book your own hotel or choose another form of accommodation.

How much does the hotel cost if I book it in addition to the Atelier of Time?

Hotel prices vary greatly depending on the season and the hotel chosen. In order for us to make you an offer, we need to know when you want to book the Atelier of Time. Furthermore, the accommodation costs depend on the number of persons and nights. Please contact us and we will find the right offer for you.

Can I travel by train or bus?

Of course. Neuchâtel is conveniently accessible by train.

How do I get to the Atelier from the hotel?

A shuttle service is available on request and can be booked as an option. The costs depend on the location of the chosen hotel and the number of guests.

Can I book other events or excursions?

Please contact us with your wishes and we will try to accommodate your request. Generally, the hotel will be pleased to help you organise excursions and events.

What is the weather like around Neuchâtel?

Neuchâtel is located in the French-speaking west of Switzerland. In winter, temperatures can drop below 0° C, while in summer it is pleasantly warm.

Questions about your watch

Does my watch have a warranty?

Of course. You will receive your watch with a 3-year warranty.

How much does the watch cost?

The costs depend on the model chosen and the extent of the package booked. If you would like to receive a specific offer, please contact us.

How long does it take to build the watch?

The course is divided into two parts. Depending on the size of the group, there are two segments of about 2 hours during which you assemble your watch.

I am very clumsy with my hands. Can I still build the watch?

Of course. The whole assembly process is simpler than it looks. Every step of the assembly process is shown to you beforehand. If you have any difficulties, our master watchmakers are there to help you.

What if I can't assemble the watch?

Don’t worry. Our watchmakers will always help you and no one has ever left the Atelier without a new watch!

What exactly can I choose on my new watch?

You can choose between different straps, which differ in colour and material. You can also choose the movement and even the colour of each hand. Of course, you can also choose the colour and material of the case and the clasp. The possibilities are almost endless and in the end you will always have a truly unique piece in your hands.

What are the technical specifications of the watches?

You can find the technical specifications here:


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